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Institutional Partnership


In the KH Classes B2B tutoring business, sessions will take place on campus. The student is offered the choice of subjects depending upon the course offered by the School/Institution and no. of batches created per unit of study.

Because of its experience in the school and its understanding of when exams will be coming up, topics of discussion for coaching Classes will be planned and students can be encouraged to keep their studies on a more even track. The focus is on prevention of problems so that last-minute cramming is kept to a minimum.
KH Classes understands that different people learn in different ways, so Classes are taught on various levels. Board displays and other visual aids are employed whenever possible to reach those who learn visually. Explanations are thorough for the audio learners. A training model is employed that gives students a good deal of hands-on time during the session so they can learn by doing. And an analysis of each student helps determine which of these approaches will be the most useful for each individual student.
Finally, the services offered by the company are differentiated from competitors by the quality of KH Classes teaching standards. Apart from technology it has fun, energy, and has a certain stage presence that makes it interesting to attend the tutoring sessions. Moreover, there will be personalized attention and focus on the specific needs of individual students.
For any queries, please email to partners@khclasses.co.in
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