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Integreted Learning

We have conducted a survey to ascertain the aspirations of parents and students from supplementary education such as tutoring, coaching, mentoring etc. across multiple cities in India and have found out the following:  
1. Most schools suffer from regulations and the primary focus of teaching is Board exams, and unable to provide individual 
attention to students
2. Learning and grasping of today’s students differs substantially from previous generation and there is a compelling cause for
 blending education with IT.
3. By the time students reach 9th grade, they begin to think beyond schools and are pre-occupied with the question “What Next
after school?”
4.  Most schools fail to provide career counseling as well as career platforms to students. 
5. In the strong competitive world, over-all personality traits coupled with very good exam marks are required to be a winner.
Keeping in view these findings, Knowledge Horizon Classes have adopted the methodology that answers to the expectations of parents as well as generation-next students.
At KH Classes we have adopted integrated learning as an engine for growth of our students. Our learning system therefore integrates:-
  • Education with Information Technology
  • Subject study with Personality Development Program.
  • CBSE curriculum with competitive entrance Test Preparation
  • As a result, we are able to ensure substantial overall improvement and development of all our students.
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